About company

TAU DEVELOPMENT is a management company, providing services in the field of Development Management for the developer; innovative in introducing the new trends in the construction market of Kazakhstan, residential complexes of which are developed with consideration of the best international practice in construction with the collegial participation of world experienced real estate consultants in terms of architecture and design.

TAU Development is the leader in bringing the European standards and innovations to Kazakhstan market in the sphere of residential development.

Each project is a new solution that allows Tau Development to be at the forefront of the residential real estate market in Almaty city.


To bring new quality standards to the construction market of Kazakhstan, creating new generation of residential real estate objects designed to change the profile of the city of Almaty and provide citizens with a decent level of comfort and security. The implementation of projects that harmoniously combine all the key components for a worthy life of the Kazakh people: QUALITY - COMFORT - AESTHETICS - AFFORDABILITY


All components of our mission are provided by a thoughtful strategy in the development of our projects. Affordability. We manage to optimize investments: reduce direct construction costs and soft costs in order to keep the sales price at an affordable level. Our strategy includes the participation of a partner-bank that has given special terms and conditions to crediting our customers. Comfort and aesthetics are provided by strategic foreign partners: real estate consultants on architecture and planning. Quality is guaranteed by the availability and excellent work of the internal Quality Control Department and the International Team of Project Managers